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Shine Aid for Family Emergencies (SAFE)

The Arise and Shine SAFE program is a combination of 3 emergency resources offered at our facility, which include, our weekly free hot breakfast, community food pantry and community clothing closet.   Available to the more than 50 % of families in Michigan City and LaPorte County who are struggling to afford the basics-housing, food, health care, childcare and transportation-despite working, according to a report from the United Way.  (Sep 22.2018) Report: 53% of MC households are ‘struggling’, retrieved from

  • Weekly Free Hot Breakfast

Tuesday-Saturday 9 am- 11 am Arise and Shine provides a weekly free breakfast to the homeless and working poor demographic in Michigan City and Laporte County Indiana.

  • Community Food Pantry

Arise and Shine provides both perishable and non-perishable food items, including dairy and meat proteins, to needy families in Michigan City and Laporte County.

  • Community Clothing Closet

Arise and Shine provides clean clothing and shoes for all ages and sizes for those in need including business attire for those seeking employment.

By appointment only

Best Foot Forward (BFF) Program

 A supplemental resource assistance program for those in Laporte County who are seeking employment and identify with the 14% in in LaPorte County who are living in poverty.  Resources include:


Resume Assistance (in house computer lab and printer)


Breakfast and or lunch on day of interview

Men’s and Women’s business attire

Hygiene products

*Must have a scheduled job interview or be registered for a job fair or similar event

Adult Education Career Training And Development partner with Midwest Healthcare Career Training and Development Information sharing sessions FOR the community and presented BY the community.  The most valuable asset in a community is its residents.  Arise and Shine will provide an information sharing platform at our facility for local community members, with various employment backgrounds, to do a presentation on any topic relating to employment, life skills or the skilled trades.  Some examples include, hiring events, 1st time homebuying seminars and skilled trade presentations. The purpose of Communiversity is to inspire and educate the 14% of Laporte County residents at or below the poverty line and promote the businesses and individuals who serve their communities in hopes of generating more community engagement.    


Meals provided by sponsorship or by Arise and Shine during each session 120” projector screen and projector available for presentations. Each session is 1 hour including time for questions at the end Tuesday & Thursday 10am-12pm

Senior Social Isolation Prevention Program (SSIPP)

About 12.5 million older adults live alone, representing 28 percent of adults 65 or older.US Census Bureau (2015) Retrieved from


The Arise and Shine SSIPP Program will offer programs and social activities to combat social isolation of seniors age 65 and older. All events take place at our facility





Education and guest speakers


Movies (120” Projector screen)

Food pantry

Resource center

Senior Socials-Newspaper, coffee, refreshments

Friday by Appointment

Mentor Meals/ Youth Program

24.7 percent of children in Laporte County are living in poverty. The News Dispatch(2018) retrieved from


The Arise and Shine Mentor Meal program is a weekly one on one mentoring program for boys and girls 18 and under to meet with a qualified mentor at the end of the week for 1 hour at the Arise and Shine facility. The goal is positive engagement with an affected youth or child who may be experiencing the risks associated with poverty such as, cognitive, emotional and social functioning issues.


Sessions scheduled on Friday or Saturday of each week (Meals Provided)

Children enrolled have access to hot meals, food pantry, Clothing/shoes and other activities and programs available at the center (immediate family members also given access)


Arise and Shine Faith Works

63% of adults in Indiana believe in God with certainty and 72% identify as Christian.  Although Arise and Shine is not a church, we understand some may prefer a faith-based approach to crisis management.  


Arise and Shine Faith Works will offer faith-based programs and partnerships to those in need who prefer a faith-based approach to crisis management and self -sufficiency.



Motivational speaking and empowerment


Bible study

Faith based events and outings




Tuesday-Friday 9am-3pm

Youth Engagement Series (YES)

  24.7 percent of children in Laporte County are living in poverty. The News Dispatch(2018) retrieved from


The Arise and Shine YES program engages children living in poverty with transformational programs and activities that boosts confidence, encourages dignity and leads to self-sufficiency.  The program also addresses Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES)


Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic events occurring before age 18. ACEs include all types of abuse and neglect as well as parental mental illness, substance use, divorce, incarceration, and domestic violence. A landmark study in the 1990s found a significant relationship between the number of ACEs a person experienced and a variety of negative outcomes in adulthood, including poor physical and mental health, substance abuse, and risky behaviors.1 The more ACEs experienced, the greater the risk for these outcomes


Retreats and outings

Sports, health and wellness



Movie Nights (120” Projector screen)

Meals and refreshments provided

Social Events And activities

Volunteer opportunities (ages 16-18)


Thursday 5:00pm-6:00pm

Family and Children Engagement Solutions (FACES)  

26.7% of LaPorte County children live below the poverty line and are disproportionately exposed to trauma, abuse and neglect. They are also exposed to environmental toxins, inadequate nutrition, maternal depression and parental substance abuse. (Herald Argus March 2018)


The Arise and Shine FACES program is a holistic approach to address the risks associated with children and families in poverty using transformational partnerships and crisis management.  



LaPorte County Division of Family

Franciscan Heath




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